Calling All Spirit-minded Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, And Small Business Owners
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FINALLY!  Here's Your Chance To Learn A Simple, Streamlined System To Step It Up To 6-Figures And Beyond In Your Soul-Based Business ... While Staying Aligned With Your Values, Connected To Spirit And True To YOU!

But act NOW because this is the ONLY time in 2010 (and possibly EVER) that Elizabeth will give you ongoing coaching and this much personal attention  WITHOUT having to pay her Platinum fees!

Announcing Elizabeth's ALL-NEW
Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind!

***Please Take Note***
We're only accepting 22 members TOTAL


egp"I've never offered anything this extraordinary before before at such a generous introductory investment, and it's likely that I never will again.

"I'm making a commitment to my 22 Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind clients to take them from where they are now to the next income level while creating a solid foundation for their 6-figure business... using the exact same strategies I personally used to quadruple my income in 6 months."

Are you 1 of them?"

From: Elizabeth Genco Purvis, "The Marketing Goddess"
My cozy home office in Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Dear Spirited Entrepreneur,

I know your time is precious.  Also, I'm a New York City kind of gal.  So I'll get straight to the point.

In 2009, I broke through the 6-figure mark very quickly... stepped up in a very BIG way... completely changed how I view myself and my work in the world... and in so doing, changed my life forever.

I now make a 6-figure income doing the work I love.  I love what I do, and I have plenty of time for the creative writing projects that are so important to me.  I love my clients, I love my amazing husband and family, I love my life. 

I'm finally doing the work I was put here on earth to do.  I live every day in gratitude and connected to the Divine, and live my life MY terms, nobody else's terms.

Best of all, I don't worry about "having enough" anymore because I know exactly how to manifest whatever I need, when I need it.

And THAT, my fellow Goddess... is where true security comes from.

I say these things not to impress you, but to impress upon you that if *I* can do it, you can TOO.  And that's what this letter is about.  But first... as you might imagine, it wasn't always like this.

Once upon a time...

I started my business on a wing and a prayer because I simply couldn't tolerate my soul-sucking job any longer.

At that job, I used to spend all day with my stress kicked up to RED ALERT level - literally.  (I used to have to carry a pager and would get beeped in the middle of the night to fix a dang computer - or rather, dozens of them - when they broke, which was ALL THE TIME.)

Sure, I was making close to $90,000.  But after every terrible day, I would come home and rant to my husband.  The vitriol just poured out of me.  Toxic, poisonous stuff.

The worst part, however, is that I knew I was destined for great things... and that I was letting my gifts and talents go to waste.  Let's call a spade a spade, here, shall we?  The truth is, I was literally wasting my life away.

Anyway, I reached my breaking point and jumped ship to start my own business.  Freedom, right?  Not quite.

The first year in my business, I made just under 11,000.  (I could tell you the exact amount but I don't feel like digging out my very sad 2007 tax return.)  Thank goodness I had some money socked away from my "cushy" soul-sucking job!

Except in New York City, money has a way of disappearing VERY quickly.  (Let's just say that our overhead was high.)

And oh yeah - I was desperately flailing around, throwing my precious dollars at guru after guru, praying to the Lady Above that I would find the magic bullet that would make my business take off.

I'm not proud of that, but, as with everything, I have to be straight up about my story.  What I am proud of is...

I made an all-or-nothing decision and took ACTION

I remember the day very clearly.  I was washing dishes.  You know how when you're doing something like dishes, your left brain is occupied and your true self can work stuff out?  That's what happened.  With soapy water up to my elbows, I had an epiphany.

"Enough is enough.  I am not living like this.  Not now, and not ever."

And right then and there, I made an all-or-nothing decision: to do whatever it took to make my business work.

I ditched the desperation and took strategic action from a place of power.  I got off the "guru train," became VERY selective about who I gave access to my brain, selected one mentor and implemented the highest-payoff proven strategies FIRST.

Here's what happened next...

Very quickly, I manifested a total of 7 incredible new clients and $13,400 in immediate and booked coaching business.  (That total doesn't include the publishing deal for my next graphic novel, which I landed at the same time.)

I breathed a sigh of relief... and then I kept going.  I focused on my clients instead of myself, and got really serious about learning the energetic principles of manifestation.

I created even more business.  $3500 here, $5500 there...

A few months later, I saw an incredible opportunity to serve and I pounced on it.  Result?  $20,000 cash in the bank.

And the hits just kept on coming.  I pay VERY close attention to my money now (that's a secret to making more, by the way), and when I totaled everything up at the end of the year, I realized that in the last 6 months of 2009, I'd made quadruple what I earned in the first 6.

Here's what my life and business looks like NOW...

Okay, so if you've read these sales letters before, you know that this is the part where everyone talks about the big houses they live in, the fancy cars they're driving, the bling-bling they're wearing and how the cash just keeps rolling in while they chillax by the beach with a fruity drink and an umbrella.

Me?  I'm going to be straight up with you.  :)  (You'll notice that this is a theme!)

As any straight up entrepreneur will tell you, 6-figures is an important breakthrough, AND it's just the beginning.

That newfound financial gain brought me some wonderful leverage... and I've chosen to invest it back in the business and MYSELF so that I can grow both inside and out, grow my business and help more spirit-rich women like YOU do your work in the world.

What's really cool is, the process is a BLAST and growing myself and my business in this way has come with some incredible perks...  The flexibility of a solid business model, plus the time and money freedom I've created allows me to do some really cool stuff, like...


I love to learn and I got to take part in some incredible (and very exclusive) trainings last year, including Kendall SummerHawk's Certified Money, Marketing And Soul Coach training program (more on that in a second))


Another mentor who changed my life and really supported me in stepping INTO my gifts & greatness is Change Agent Maria Gamb.  Maria is incredible and her work has supported both forward-thinking successful entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar companies... PLUS she is one of the most hooked-into-the-Divine-Feminine biz leaders I know.  That's the 2 of us in Vegas...


When I'm not traveling, writing or working with clients, I spend tons of time with the love of my life, my husband Leland.  We love New York City!  Here we are in one of "our spots," The Brooklyn Bridge...


And We did take not one but TWO meaningful vacations last year, first to spend an entire blissful week on the beach with my family... (I couldn't find the shot of the whole lot of us, so here's my mom and dad...)

And then a generous stint in Portland, Oregon (our OTHER home!) to visit with Leland's family.  Here he is with his dad on Thanksgiving day (the two of them are so cute together!)

leland and howard


And I've structured my business in such a way so that when I'm not traveling, I take every Friday off and head to one of my fave places on earth, The New York Public Library, to work on my creative writing.  (An absolute MUST.)  That's me in my natural habitat...

Meanwhile, the SYSTEMS I've set up continue to bring me a consistent flow of clients and cash.
  When before I used to pray that someone would PLEASE work with me, now I get new client inquiries every week and my tribe grows daily.

Now, I know this is a story you hear a lot, from a lot of mentors.  The question is..

Why should you learn from ME?

Straight up: Here are 4 big, significant reasons...

kendall and eFirst of all, I invested with and learned from the best.  My mentor, Kendall SummerHawk, is known as The Million Dollar Marketing Coach because she took her business from low-five figures to a well over a million in 3 years.  Last year, she doubled it.  (Oh yeah - did I mention that she runs her business from HOME?)

Even more importantly, her client success track record will make your head spin.  Her systems work, plain and simple.... which is why I made the decision to learn them inside and out so I can bring them to you as one of her Certified Money, Marketing And Soul coaches.

There are only 35 of us CMMS coaches, and I'm proud to say that she has openly acknowledged me as one of her biggest success stories in the program.  Her husband & business partner Richard calls me one of their "superstars."  And I must be doing something right, because at the end of 2009, she promptly hired me to coach her high-level, high-end Platinum Clients.

Second, I get results for my clients.  What's more, I'm known for getting fast results for my clients.  Some of them have quadrupled their incomes in just a few weeks. (And this happened before I created that success for myself.)  You'll read their success stories on this page.

Third, I know what it's like to be stuck, struggling and frustrated.  I know what it's like to not be making any money in your business, to want sooo badly to play bigger and STEP into your purpose and be stopped short time and time again by fear and perceived limitation.  I know what it's like to be stuck in the endless loop of crippling self-doubt, contless second guessing, and worry.  Been there, done that.  And I know how to shift it.

Fourth, I am a mentor on the rise.  I share that with you not to brag, but to share that I've made a simple decision.  If you've been following me this year, you've seen that decision in action.  I've stepped up my game - full out, no apologies.  And I am committed - I'm talking passionate, here - to bring a tribe of spirit-rich, soul-driven, will-not-be-held-back-anymore solopreneurs with me.

You interested?  ;)

"Now I think bigger... and I surpassed my money goal!"

2009 Abundant Biz MM & Private Platinum Client
Joanna Powell Colbert,

joanna"I've been self-employed for a while now, both as a professional artist and as a web  designer.  I've enjoyed success in both areas.  But by the time Elizabeth and I started working together, I'd hit a wall.  I was working all the time in my web design business and not making enough money.  Even worse, I had no time for my art!  I knew I had to do something, but I couldn't see a way out.

In our very first session, Elizabeth showed me exactly where I had been leaking abundance in my business, in both money and time.  With her support, I set some firm boundaries in a couple of situations where I before I felt powerless.  Taking my power back felt amazing, and it had an immediate effect on my bottom line.  Elizabeth's coaching and cheering me on gave me the courage to put myself first.

Elizabeth has also helped me think bigger, especially when it comes to my pricing.  As an artist I often vend at events, and in the past had been happy with making 'just enough' to cover my costs.  After a couple of sessions, I decided to set a much bigger money goal for an upcoming event.  To my pleasant surprise I surpassed that goal... and it was actually easy!

Elizabeth has also helped me get very clear on my ideal client and reposition my offerings to truly reflect the value I know I provide.  She has encouraged me to proudly take ownership of some of the things I'd been giving away before!  I've also begun to build a team of talented people working with me to free up my time.

I highly, highly recommend Elizabeth to any conscious or spirit-minded entrepreneur who truly wants to break through whatever is holding them back and create abundance while making a difference.  Abundance in your business isn't just about getting a lot of clients, though Elizabeth can definitely help you do that.  It's about doing the work you love for people you love, all while getting paid what you're worth.  Elizabeth can help you succeed in all 3."

"3 new Platinum clients - I'm attracting them like crazy"

VIP & Private Platinum Client
Sharon Quarmby,

Sharon"Elizabeth, I want to say thank you for the work we've done so far.  The results have been fantastic - here's what's up...

Shortly after completing our VIP day when we desgined my Platinum program, I left for a vacation, and then had surgery.  So you could say that I was "out of the office"!  Nevertheless, I did what you suggested and I very quickly enrolled 3 new Platinum clients.  Wow!

The process was so simple, it barely took any time.  (Not bad for a full calendar of "not working," right?)  What's more is, they are EXACTLY the kind of women I want to work with.  Thanks to our work, I got clear about my ideal client, and ever since then I've been attracting them like crazy!

What I appreciate most about working with you is your uncanny ability to SEE the junk around money that's getting in my way.  You pinpoint the issues, see them for what they really are, and then you help ME see it... and I can let it go.  That kind of support is truly priceless, which is one of the many reasons why I have chosen YOU as my Platinum coach in the coming year.

As you know, success is all about making a decision and acting on it.  For me that has meant surrounding myself with the right support to receive the Bold Money Goal I've set for 2010.  My decision and action, coupled with your support, is a potent combination.  I know I've just barely scratched the surface and I can't wait to see what unfolds in the coming year.  Thank you!"

Sharon Quarmby

"From zero To A 7-week** waiting list -
marketing changes lives!"

Abundant Business Bootcamp client Donnaleigh de LaRose,
Woodstock, CT

donnaleigh"I knew I had something great to offer the world and I felt passionate about it. Yet I went largely unnoticed  and  felt buried under a rug. I felt I could not get my foot in the door and was in a perpetual 'waiting' mode. Sure, I felt like I was pushing myself hard and putting my best self out there, but I wasn’t making any progress. And I wasn’t charging what I was worth.

I accidentally (or not!) found Elizabeth's website, much to my great advantage, and soon learned that marketing changes lives!

When I participated in Elizabeth's Abundant Business Bootcamp, I feverishly took notes, excited by the techniques I heard. I carefully applied her methodical steps and shifted around how I presented myself to the world while still being my true and authentic self. In just one month, business began to rev up, and it quickly accelerated to high speed as I continued to add her applications to my marketing.  I also increased my worth and value, and had a sense of organization to how I applied myself to my business.

I now fully live my soul calling, and people *know* I am here for them, whereas before I felt I was lost in the shadows. Today I have a 7-week waiting list of excited clients waiting for services from me, people with whom I'd not have made connections if Elizabeth had not taught me how to plug in my light bulb. Now I have a full connection with like-minded people and am completely enjoying the blissful journey on my soul path. I feel like I have stepped into myself and have finally entered my own life with full expression.

Without Elizabeth, I'd still be waiting for clients under a 2-watt light bulb. Now, the spotlight is on my gifts. I'm still the same me, but lit a whole lot brighter."

** UPDATE!  When I contacted Donnaleigh in Jan 2010 to obtain permission to share these results with you, she informed me that she now has a 21-week waiting list... and her clients keep coming.  Pretty cool, right?  -EGP ***

"Within 6 weeks, I'd sold 3 programs - $4500!"

Clients & Cash Flow Secrets Client
Tynisha Thompson, NYC

tynisha"Elizabeth, I just have to let you know how much you've inspired me!

Before working with you, I was wasting TONS of time doing all kinds of marketing craziness... you know the drill with all the gurus.  And NONE of it was getting me the results I needed.  So frustrating!

Your Clients & Cash Flow information was just the breakthrough I needed.  I got busy focusing on attracting the RIGHT kinds of clients and creating offers that they actually wanted and desired. 

I created 3 focused VIP days... each with a specific outcome attached.  I'll admit was a little nervous about offering them because I'd never done it before, but the results have been incredible!  Within a month and a half, I'd sold 3 of my new programs, generating $4500 in income.  (And my fees are going UP!)

Finally, something that actually WORKS to bring in new clients and income - I love it!"

Now, if you've been following me for a while, you know: I love my peeps!  (That's my clients, students, readers... and YOU.) 

So when I had the epiphany to create a brand new coaching program, where you get LOTS of attention from and access to me WITHOUT having to pay my Platinum-level fees... I reached out to my tribe.  I asked, "What would help YOU the most?"  And you told me, loud n' clear...
  • You want more clients.  And not just any clients, but a steady stream of the right clients who will happily pay your fees and show up powerfully to GET the transformation you can help them create.
  • You want more MONEY.  You want to stop worrying about where the cash is coming from so you can focus on doing your WORK and living a fabulous life on your own terms. On that note...
  • You want to break through your money stuck points and kick your limiting beliefs to the curb so you can receive the abundance you truly want - without feeling guilty.  (Hello!)
  • You want to build your tribe of loyal clients, because you, too, love your clients, know that relationships and tribe are where it's at when it comes to having a fulfilling business and rich inner life to boot.  (You know that in this day and age, things are different now and the old hard sell crap doesn't work - as IF you'd ever put up with said crap in the first place.)
And far, far and away what you said you wanted most is...

You want to make 6-figures while stepping into your purpose AND while staying FIRMLY in integrity as a Spiritual Soul and transforming the lives of those you're meant to help.

AND... you want to do it YOUR way, not someone else's way.  :)  (Hrm, sounds like someone I know!)

I have to tell you, I had to smile when I heard all this, because that's exactly what I set out to create for myself!  So all I had to do was say, "Hrm... how did I do it?" 

The answer flowed like a vein of gold....

The Abundant Business Marketing & Manfestation Mastermind:
How To Create A Thriving 6-Figure Soul-Based Business

Bottom line: I've designed this one-of-a-kind coaching program to give you 4 very specific results:
  • The marketing SYSTEMS you need to take your business to 6-figures
  • The business SYSTEMS – specifically, the business MODEL you need to take your business to an easy, graceful, FUN 6-figures (instead of burning out) and the strategies for packaging what you do so that you enroll clients easily, without struggle, hard selling (bleh!) or convincing
  • The Internet and social media SYSTEMS to build a loyal tribe & soulfully sell your services
  • The manifestation strategies you WANT and the money breakthroughs you NEED so you can receive the abundance you truly desire and deserve for the transformative magic you do.
All while doing your true work, your heart work.. and designing your business to fit YOUR life and vision of success - not anyone else's.

Like everything I teach, the foundation of the Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind is a SYSTEM designed to create the results that you want - in this case, the foundation for a joyful, thriving 6-figure business. 

And unlike those info-dump trainings where you have to implement on your own (I'm not knocking them - they have a place, and I offer them)...

In this program you are going to have my personal support, love, cheerleading, and gentle butt-kicking (that's called strong coaching!) and you'll be held accountable to me personally, just like my Platinum clients... for a full 9 months.

In short, I want you ready for lift-off... and blasting off BEFORE our time together is over.  You have to do the work - more on that in a few.  But that's my intention and that is what this program is designed to help you create.

You'll also be pulled forward by a rich and beautiful community of big-hearted, big-thinking spirited entrepreneurs.... what could be better than that?!? :D

Here's what you'll learn as a member of the Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind...

The "heart and soul" of the Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind (otherwise known as the MMM!) is a rock-solid curriculum of proven business strategies.

Remember, you're going to get SUPPORT and accountability as you implement this system - more on that in a few.  First, here are the steps...

1. How To Attract Ideal, High-Paying Clients With An Authentic, MoneyMaking Brand

Of all the systems that my mentor, million-dollar marketing coach Kendall SummerHawk offers, her proprietary Branding With Archetypes™ system is one of the most popular, hands-down.

Why?  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how frustrating it is to set yourself apart in an overcrowded field (gee, how many Tarot readers, coaches, and nutritionists are out there, anyway?). 

How about that whole "you MUST pick a niche!" thing?  As IF it’s really that simple…  (Besides, narrowing it down would mean giving up a crucial parts of who you are and what you do…) 

Imagine if you could gracefully sidestep all that frustration and effortlessly attract a steady stream of serious, highly motivated ideal clients by simply stepping into your most authentic vision of your business - that would be pretty cool, right?

Using the Branding With Archetypes™ System, you'll create a rich and authentic moneymaking brand that instantly conveys what you're truly about AND the results you deliver.

If the topic of branding confuses you, don't worry, you're not alone! Truth is, there are only a few things you need to know…

A brand is definitely NOT just for big corporations… it's for YOU! Every business owner can use branding to raise their visibility, create enormous credibility and consistently attract ideal, high-paying clients.

Your brand is NOT a niche… and it's not the same old "what do you do and who do you do it for" question! (You know, the one that can leave you churning for months!)

Your brand is NOT your logo and tag line. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there! Most business owners go straight to these pieces when they think of branding, but they're the finishing touches, not the brand.

Your brand is the promise of the experience your clients get when they work with you.  And that's what we'll uncover together in the MMM, with the help of Kendall's system!

Branding with Archetypes™ makes your marketing easy, simple and FUN because you'll (finally!) clearly communicate who you are and what you're all about to your audience.

b-with-aIn the Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind, you'll walk away with your signature money-making brand after just one day together. (Yes, a single day!)  You'll discover...
  • How to step into a whole new level of expert status, authenticity and results in your business using the power of your brand
  • How to create impactful, authentic marketing that creates consistent results… almost effortlessly!
  • How to make it super easy for people to understand and “get” who you are and what you do
  • How to use your brand to coach yourself past tough spots and blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating situations and “money stuck points”
  • Expert tips on how to price your services in alignment with your brand… so you can charge what you’re worth and get it in a way that feels truly authentic and in integrity
  • Specific words to use and feelings to evoke in your marketing so that your brand stays consistent and memorable
  • The gifts, strengths, challenges and Spiritual Contract of your Brand Archetype
  • How to authentically “live your brand” in business and life, so that creating the income and lifestyle you want gets easier and easier
You’ll be amazed at the stunning accuracy of this system…. and how quickly your brand takes shape.  And because your Brand Archetype gets to the heart and soul of who you are, you’ll also gain a deep understanding of yourself that you never had before.

Until recently, the ONLY way you could use this system was to study with Kendall herself – as a private client or in one of her (always sold out!) workshops.  As one of her Money, Marketing and Soul™ coaches, I now have the honor of sharing this proven, one-of-a-kind system with you!

2. How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income That Pay You Month After Month So You Can Quickly Trade 1-On-1 “Dollars For Hours” Work For Freedom, Ease And Fun!

I know you might be sitting there going, "Helloooo, Elizabeth, enough 1-on-1 clients would be nice, please!"  I hear you.  Here's the thing...

Working 1-on-1 with clients is the prevailing business model for self-employed service businesses.  Trouble is, when you’re out of time, you’ve capped out your income.  (And you’re overwhelmed and exhausted to boot!)

Why not skip that overwork and overwhelm right from the get-go? ;)

profit pyramidKendall’s Profit Pyramid™ is a simple, easy and proven system for creating profitable and highly leveraged multiple streams of income, including big-ticket information products, subscription websites, high-end programs and more.  You’ll learn…
  • Which income streams are the most profitable while taking up the least amount of your time
  • How to create a signature line of products, programs and services that raise your visibility and give you the credibility that attracts clients like crazy
  • Which income streams you should focus on FIRST and which you can safely save for later
  • How turn ONE idea into 3 or more lucrative income streams that pay you thousands of dollars, month after month
PLUS: Kendall’s proven templates for designing your multiple-streams business in under an hour (yes, really – that’s how simple her system is!)

Strategically selecting the right business model is something most heart-centered business owners never do.  That one fatal mistake keeps them needlessly stuck, overworked, underpaid, and struggling.

You have a business model, whether you know it or not.  The question is, how's it working for you?  The Profit Pyramid will make sure your business model empowers you to make more money and help more people in a graceful, elegant, lucrative way.

3. How To Create Simple, Streamlined Marketing SYSTEMS That Bring You New Clients On Autopilot

If you struggle to get enough clients, I can practically guarantee that the problem is one of 2 things:
  • Either you're not "getting out there" consistently (putting you in the dreaded "feast or famine" cycle), or
  • The potential clients you DO encounter are falling through the cracks (and going unserved)
The solution in either case is A SYSTEM.  That's great news, but the even better news is... it has NEVER been easier to attract new clients! 

Back in the good old days, the process of finding your peeps used to be painfully slow: endless networking meetings, talking about yourself to your friends non-stop (otherwise known as "reaching out to your network"), or (horrors!!) buying a list of prospects from a shady listbroker. 

Now, thanks to the Internet and social media, your clients are easier to reach than ever before... and they are craving the connection that heart-centered business owners love to give.  But unless you have a proven SYSTEM to follow, you'll still waste countless hours spinning your wheels.

In this module, I'll show you exactly how to pull all the online and offline pieces together to create a lead generation system that practically runs itself.

BONUS: You'll also get my continuously updated Rolodex of 6-Figure resources, which includes all the vendors, support and "techie" resources that I personally use to keep my own lead generation running like clockwork!

4. How To Create Programs & Products That Sell

I see it time and time again:  A purpose-driven entrepreneur pours their heart and soul into a new product or program... spending HOURS of time agonizing over the content, painstakingly writing the ebook, carefully creating the marketing... and when they finally throw open the doors..... nobody buys.

It's heartbreaking!  Even worse is the OTHER situation I often see: a coach, consultant, or healer who will just sort of "throw something out there," making the crucial decision of how to package their services (and what to charge) based on what they see "everyone else" in their field is doing. 

The problem?  Most solo professionals haven't been shown how to effectively price and package their services so that their clients actually WANT what they have to offer!  This leaves them overworked, undervalued, and underpaid.

One of my specialties is showing my clients how to package what they do into irresistible offers that their clients can't resist.  I'll openly share proven strategies to creating programs your clients will eagerly line up for (hint: these are a LOT easier to enroll!) and simple, powerful persuasive tweaks that inspire a YES right on the spot.

Best part?  While ALL of my strategies come from the sales & persuasion experts I've been studying and working with for several years now (so you know they work), they contain NONE of the icky, hard-sell, "used car salesman" stuff we spirited entrepreneurs hate.

Make no mistake: the impact you make and the INCOME you receive comes directly from the sales of your products, programs and services to the people who need them.  You can't afford to run your business without this CRITICAL skill - and neither can the clients you're meant to help.

5. How To Use Authentic Listbuilding To Build A Tribe Of Loyal, Responsive Clients

Like so many things, creating a joyful, soulful, highly leveraged 6-figure business really boils down to something sooooo simple.  In this case, the key can be expressed as a simple equation:

Tribe Of Loyal, Responsive Clients + The Right Business Model = 6 Figures

In short, when you have a tribe of clients who love you, appreciate you and look forward to your next offering, well... things get a heck of a lot easier.

When an ideal client joins your list, and you share your passionate message with them regularly... over time, they will begin to know, like and trust you... you'll stay top-of-mind... and when the time is right for them, they will invest in what you offer.  Simple as that.

A larger list means more people to help and more money for you, plain and simple.  What you do (and don't do) in building your list can make the difference between having a THRIVING business that brings you joy, satisfaction, peace of mind, and... not.

That's why in the Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind, we're going to pay a great deal of attention to building and cultivating your tribe of loyal followers.... with authenticity, integrity, and best of all - at LOW cost.  (Huzzah!)

Here is just some of what we'll cover...
  • How to build a highly focused email list made up of people who have raised their hands to say that they WANT to know more about your offerings
  • How to increase your readership, see who's actually reading your newsletter and (yeeha!) increase the action taken on your offers
  • How to create a SIMPLE SYSTEM to get your emails out more often.  You've heard me say that you MUST get your newsletter out regularly, but it's overwhelming, right?  I get it!  The great news?  You don't HAVE to do a full-blown HTML ezine like mine in order keep that all-important relationship going.  I'll show you what to do so that your ezine works for YOU.
  • And, of course, a whole HOST of simple, effective, free-to-low-cost strategies to GET MORE PEEPS in your tribe (otherwise known as "increase your list"!)
My very favorite part of building a tribe?  It's so much FUN! 

It's no secret that I love and deeply care about "my peeps" - the connection we share is one of the most satisfying, gratifying parts of running my business.  Which brings me right to the next step in this soulful 6-figure system...

6. How To Use The Internet And Social Media To Create Connection & Soulfully Sell Your Products, Programs & Services

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have created an opportunity like no other to cultivate lucrative, long-term, yummy relationships with the people you're meant to serve.  The problem, of course, is... HOW?  One of the biggest questions I hear is,

"How do I turn all this social networking stuff into paying clients?"

In the MMM, I'll show you how to use these powerful tools to build your tribe and turn your conversations (on Facebook, Twitter, in your newsletter, and more) into a steady stream of eager clients ready to say YES to your offers. 

I'll also show you the right way to leverage that big email list you're building to easily fill your programs and sell your products.  (After all, if you can't trasform your tribe members into happy clients, what's the point, right?)

We'll cover...
  • How to provide great content that positions you as the expert, adds massive value and creates the strong bond that leads to paying clients (no, you don't have to create it all yourself!)
  • How to select which social networking sites are worth your time and which you can safely avoid
  • How to attract perfect tribe members on the sites you choose
  • How to eliminate the need to "sell" on social networking sites, simply by interacting and connecting with the people you most want to help
  • How to avoid one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see well-meaning heart-focused entrepreneurs making in their newsletters: ONLY contacting their list when they have something to sell (these get deleted in a heartbeat, look like spam and entirely defeat the purpose of doing a newsletter in the first place)
  • Reliable guidelines to the 21st-century question, "How much personal information is too much?"
  • Simple SYSTEMS to keep your tribe outreach manageable and fun
7. How To Stay Out Of Overwhelm (And Have A Life!) By Managing Your Time And Energy

So many people ask me: "Elizabeth, you're a professional writer, a marketing coach, AND a wife....  You have a great relationship, a full coaching practice, you regularly create new products and programs... you WRITE, travel, tool around New York City like it's no big deal..."

"How on EARTH do you get it all done?"

Honestly, I don't think about "getting it all done"... because I'm too "busy" (cha!) simply loving my life.

As always, I will be straight up with you.  I'm not going to say that I work "just 20 hours a week" .... yet.  ;)

I do work MUCH less than you might expect (about 40 hours per week), I accomplish MUCH more than most self-employed people AND I love just about every minute of it. 

Everything in my business is by design (not by accident) and that includes how I manage my time and energy so that I've been able to grow my business by a factor of 4... without working even a teensy bit longer or harder than I did when I was struggling, AND without giving up creative projects that are deeply important to me.  (In fact, I work less now than I did when I wasn't making any money - and now "work" feels a lot more like FUN.)

And that 20-hour work week?  It's coming!  Behind the scenes, I've been steadily implementing SYSTEMS (there's that word again) to free up even MORE of my time, energy and mental space.  I hired the very best mentors I could find, and I will be openly sharing what what WORKS in the MMM.

8. How To Charge What You're Worth And Get It

The quickest way to start making a LOT more money in your business WITHOUT working more is…  raise your fees.

You know you're great at what you do. You never hesitate to give your clients your best and create incredible results. So why is it so hard to charge what you KNOW you're worth?

Not knowing what to charge means you're undercharging… setting yourself up for an endless cycle of overwork, burnout and resentment.

Straight up: that doesn't serve you OR your clients, does it?

howtochargeI have to tell you, this undercharging thing that spirited entrepreneurs struggle with breaks my heart... because I know first-hand how damaging it is on soooo many levels.

You have incredible gifts to offer the world.  And when those gifts are properly valued... you can reach and help a LOT more people. 

That's why I'm so passionate about the topics of money, manifestation, and what to charge.  And that's why I'm going to take you through my mentor Kendall's proven SYSTEM to take all the guesswork out of setting your fees.

Because the truth is, you DON'T need years of experience before you can charge more! You don't need to "know more" when you already create incredible results for your clients right now.

And yes, you can even charge more with your existing clients - without offending them.

It all gets down to learning how to price your services so that you feel great about the money you're receiving and your clients know they're getting a great value. It's a simple formula that anyone can follow to create predictable, repeatable results… with ANY program, product or service.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn…
  • How to instantly make 20-30-40% more than you’re making right now – without working harder or needlessly giving away more of your time, energy and expertise
  • How to answer the question “So what do you charge?” with poise, grace and confidence (so YOU stay firmly in the driver’s seat)
  • Why charging more actually makes you more desirable in the eyes of your clients (even if you’re just starting out)
  • Why your clients will gladly spend more money with you… even if they think they can’t afford it
  • Kendall’s proven 3 step system for setting – and getting! – the fees you deserve for any product, program or service you offer.  This information is easily worth your entire investment in this program, many times over.
  • How to raise your rates with existing clients without offending them or losing them (this simple script makes it easy for the both of you)
  • A simple, step-by-step template for having an authentic, open, and comfortable money conversation with your potential clients
  • Authentic, non-pushy questions so that the clients who need you practically talk themselves into working with you
  • Simple questions that melt away objections and invite a YES from your clients (instead of “I have to think about it”)
  • How to steadily increase your “Money Speedometer” so that you automatically attract greater and greater amounts of money
  • How to finally say goodbye to “low pricing self-esteem” and banish your what-to-charge worries – forever
Charging more isn’t “greedy” – it actually empowers you to serve your clients in a much bigger and more meaningful way.

If you know you're charging too little, want to raise your rates (but think your clients won't pay) or get asked for discounts all too often (and cave in at the drop of a hat), you can't afford to miss this part of the MMM.

"But Elizabeth, I have that product!  I know all that already!"  Uh huh.  Let me ask you this: have you ever had a loving coach hold you accountable to your value and your new fees?  As someone who has been personally coached by Kendall to step it up... it makes a BIG difference, let me tell you.  ;)  (Ask her to tell you that story someday - she loves it!)

9. How To Manifest More Wealth In Your Life And Business

It's true: Money has become one of my very favorite topics since making the decision to stop hiding, step up and finally create the success I deeply wanted in my business.

Not only that, I got VERY serious about mastering the manifestation process - to become a conscious creator, and not tolerate things "happening to me" any more.

I have been studying the principles of manifestation for my entire life.  But I wasn't using this powerful tool even remotely and I certainly wasn't giving the skill of manifestation the attention it deserved if I wanted to use it to create results in my life.

Now, straight up: as with just about anything worth doing, there is ALWAYS more to learn!  I would never call myself "done" with the big M - I'm just getting started!

But as you've seen, I've learned a thing or two... and I've created incredible results for myself.  And here's one thing I can tell you: manifestation skills mean NOTHING if you're laboring under money stuck points, both practical (ie., here on the physical realm) AND energetic (inner game).

That's why in the MMM, we're going to talk money mindset... from the very beginning.  We're going to kick up your Money Speedometer (that's your "default setting" for how much you make and keep per month), set Bold Money Goals, track your income so it increases every day, get ruthless about plugging your money leaks (you'll get support here, to minimize your fear), and - most importantly - increase your sense of value, from the inside out.  So you OWN your gifts, use them, receive abundance and transform the world.

Oh yeah - and I'm going to give you my VERY specific money manifestation strategies so you have those tools in your back pocket (or purse, if you prefer.)

You can see that the SYSTEM you'll get in the Abundant Business Marketing & Manfestation Mastermind is NOT the tired old "marketing blueprints" you've seen time and time again...

But then again, doing things the "usual" way isn't really YOUR way, anyhoo, right?  ;)

Let's take a look at how you'll get this life-and-business-changing training, as well as my PERSONAL attention and coaching...

Kick-Off Call To Create Your Vision
And Set Your Bold Goals

To kick off our program, I'll be leading a LIVE 90-minute call to personally coach you to create your 2010 Vision and set your Bold Goals for the Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind.

We have just begun a new decade... and as a spiritual entrepreneur, I have no doubt that you've done at least some visioning already.  AND...

I'd be willing to bet you a milkshake that with the help of the visioning process I'll coach you through, you'll st-r-e-e-e-t-c-h yourself to create an even juicier (and more prosperous) picture.

Your vision is where YOUR perfect Abundant Business begins.  Our goal in the MMM?  To lay the right foundation to manifest your vision - whether that's just making a few extra thousand per month, or building an empire.  (What's so awesome about the business models I'll share is that they support BOTH paths.)

Of course, you know me - ALWAYS keeping my eyes on the short-term results as well as the big picture!  So you'll also set some fun, exciting Bold Goals goals to accomplish in our time together in the MMM. 

BONUS: I'll give you the 2 tools I personally use to steadily increase the amount of money I make every month and we will be actively using them throughout the program.

Branding With Archetypes™ LIVE Virtual Workshop

Shortly after our kick-off call, I'll be leading a LIVE 1-day Virtual Workshop, where I'll coach you through Kendall SummerHawk's Branding With Archetypes™ system.

You'll discover your personal Archtypes, unearth your Unique Brilliance (the KEY to your financial and emotional success in your business) and create your very own Branding Wheel.

b-with-aThese are the tools you'll use in your business (and throughout the program) to make sure EVERYTHING you do is in alignment with ONE thing: creating the business and life you want.

What's amazing about the Branding With Archetypes process is that it gently (and very quickly) gathers all the best possible resources you have inside you already and brings them into alignment: an unstoppable, energetic force for transformation.

Instead of scattering your energies, hopping from one opportunity, teacher, modality, or "thing" looking for the magic bullet to make everything all better... you'll discover what was waiting patiently inside of you the whole time. 

More importantly, you'll learn how to direct it, inside and out... to create a rich, authentic, magnetizing brand that effortlessly attracts high-profile attention, lucrative opportunities and a steady stream of your ideal high-paying clients.

You'll be amazed at the stunning accuracy of this system…. and how quickly your brand takes shape. And because your Brand Archetype gets to the heart and soul of who you are, you'll also gain a deep understanding of yourself that you never had before.

Best of all, you'll LOVE how easy and FUN this unique process is, especially in a group of creative, passionate entrepreneurs just like you!

My mentor Kendall has a phrase that I just love.  She says, "Elizabeth, when you are in alignment, you are unstoppable."  She's right.

The content and coaching you'll receive in just this single day will seriously elevate and accelerate your business success faster than you can imagine.  I'm not kidding when I say that I could easily charge the entire MMM investment for Branding With Archetypes™ alone. 

Money & Manifestation LIVE Virtual Workshop

Yep, we're going to spend another FULL day together in a virtual workshop - this time, entirely devoted to creating the money and manifestation breakthroughs that will allow you to attract more money and empower you to manifest what you really want in your life and business.

By the time we have this workshop, we'll have been coaching on money and manifestation for a while.  (I'm giving you the crucial basics right from the get-go and we will use them in the entire program.)  So it's going to be REALLY fun to see what unfolds once we take it to the next level in this workshop.

8 Members-ONLY Inner Secrets Training Calls
On The Steps Of The MMM System

Once per month, we'll gather for a private training call, exclusively for the members of the MMM.  Each call will cover one of the above topics in detail.

Please note these calls are NOT 'Topic 101' calls.  In each call, I'll give you detailed training with proven strategies, examples, case studies and resources (all presented step-by-step, of course).

Topic calls begin in March, 2010 (We'll do the Visioning/Bold Goals and Branding With Archetypes calls in February.)

BONUS: You also get take-action assignments after EVERY training call.  These assignments are especially designed to be simple, streamlined and fluff-free - to keep you firmly OUT of overwhelm and ONLY taking the action you need... none of what you don't!

BONUS #2: You're welcome to bring your business partner, spouse, or a key team member to the call, or have them attend in your absence.  (Note: this means someone who works with you IN your business - sharing of program materials between friends or fellow business owners, practitioners, etc is strictly prohibited.)

8 Laser Coaching / Q+A Calls

telephoneOne week after the training call, I'll open the lines for 90 minutes of spotlight laser coaching and Q+A.  This is your chance to get regular ongoing personal LIVE coaching from me - something I usually reserve for my Platinum and VIP coaching clients ONLY. 

I'll also share resources and advice as you need it (and I don't hold back!), and I'll open up the lines so that we can tap into the wisdom of the group, as you'll benefit just as much from your fellow MMM members as you will from me!

Even if you don't have a question or a particular "stuck point" you're working on, it's very valuable to show up to these coaching calls and listen in on what's up for others in the group.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how you'll often you'll discover the exact right piece of information and the exact right time... (it's fun how the Universe arranges that for us!)

Again, you're also welcome to bring your business partner, spouse, or a key employee to the call, or have them attend in your absence.  And of COURSE you can email me your questions ahead of time if you can't make the call live, and I'll be sure we get them answered.

MP3 Recordings Of All Virtual Workshop,
Inner Secrets & Laser Coaching Calls

ipodIf you're like me, you can't always make the live calls but you don't want to miss a thing!  Or you just like to listen in again, to reinforce your learning.

If you miss a call, no worries. Each and every call will be posted in the members-only MMM forum, usually 24 hours after the call is completed.  You'll be able to download the MP3 to listen to on your MP3 player (that's what I do) or you can listen in online by clicking the "play" link.

The content you'll receive in this program is absolutely worth listening to more than once!  I encourage you to download each and every recording and add it to your digital success library, so they'll be at the ready when YOU'RE ready to implement the next 6-figure strategy.

Quick note: After hearing concern from many of my peeps about the environment, with the consensus being that they'd rather NOT have "one more thing laying around taking up space," I decided to not make CDs for this program.  If you love CDs, you're more than welcome to transfer the MP3 files to CDs and listen in that way.

PDF Transcripts Of All Virtual Workshop,
Inner Secrets & Laser Coaching Calls

I'll also have each call in this program transcribed. That way you can read and follow along with the audio, or simply just read the transcript itself.

While I love audio (and will usually listen to the audio and take notes myself), there are times when I just want to zip ahead and find what I want.  That's why I love it when transcripts or detailed notes are included in the programs I attend.

The transcripts will be posted online in PDF format in the MMM members-only forum, and you will have permission to print them from your own computer.

Accountability, Networking Opportunities And A Community Of Spirited Business Owners Connecting via A Private Mastermind Members-Only Forum

If you ask other successful entrepreneurs what kinds of things have helped them become successful, they will undoubtedly include being a part of a COMMUNITY of like-minded business owners, pulling them forward.  There is NOTHING like having a supportive, loving tribe of like-minds.

That's why one of the things I'm most excited about is the community.  And in addition to the calls, we'll regularly connect as a community on an a private, exclusive members-only forum.

There are a couple of important things to know about the forum.

One, the forum will be "home base," where every recording, transcript, worksheet, resource and yes, extra goody (!) will be posted.  With the exception of hardcopy stuff which you'll get in the mail (such as the beautiful Archetypes cards you'll receive as a bonus), all of the information and content will be posted on the forum in one neat place.

Two, I will be a regular presence and frequent participant on our private forum (not just dropping in from time to time).  Your questions and requests for support and feedback are going to receive full attention over the course of our time together. 

(Yes, you're going to get personal email coaching from me!! Keep reading for more details on that!)

The forum will be a thriving, fun, safe place where all can come together to get support, feedback, resources, accountability and ideas.

Rest assured that you will NOT get lost in a big anonymous group as a member of the MMM!  Enrollment will be strictly limited to just 22 people, precisely to ensure that nobody gets "lost in the crowd."  (It's a great size, in my opinion - not too big and not too small.)

Which brings me to the next benefit...

*** Members-ONLY E-Coaching With Elizabeth ***

Yes, you read that right.  ;)  I will PERSONALLY COACH every Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind member, answering all (or nearly all - I'm human!) questions posted on the private forum. 

In fact, it's going to be VERY cool, organized in such a way that over time, we'll create an entire reference library of Q+A on the forum. 
(I will definitely answer some questions by audio, too, because I can go into a lot more detail without having to type like crazy!)

No more hunting through threads trying to find the response you need RIGHT NOW - is that convenient or what? 

Let me tell you a little more about this benefit, because it actually marks another milestone for me in my business...

I LOVE connecting with my clients and potential clients, and so far, that has included email.  Until now, if you've sent me an email about something, there's a very good chance that I have answered it personally - whether you were a client of mine or not.

While I have absolutely no plans to go all diva and cut off all access to me (you know what I'm talking about), there is just no way that I can personally read and answer every single email anymore.

This means that unless you're in one of my Platinum programs, the only way can get personal ongoing coaching from me (for a full 9 months) is by being a Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind Member.  The value of this benefit alone is easily worth 5x the tuition of the entire MMM program.

My mentors and colleagues think I'm loco for doing the email coaching, but there's a method to my madness and a reason for everything. :) 

One, it's my sincere wish to make the MMM an affordable program for you.  If you're serious about moving OUT of fear and INTO your power as a spirit-rich, prosperous healer, consultant or coach, I want this to be VERY easy for you to say "yes" to - plain and simple.

Which leads me to reason number two, which is... I want to dedicate the next 9 months to this program and creating 22 success stories to take MY business to the next level.  :D

Success leads to more success - for ALL of us.  And that's a beautiful thing!

Private Weekly Accountability Journal &
Manifestation Declaration, Read By Me Personally

accountability journalEvery week I'll send you an email with 3 simple questions designed to keep you on track, focused and acknowledging your progress.  All you need to do is complete the 3 simple questions send the email back to me.

While I can't promise to personally respond to each and every journal entry, you ALWAYS know that I am reading what you've sent in.  It's my way of knowing exactly what's up in your business, what you're celebrating, where you're stuck... and it will absolutely guide me in coaching you on the laser coaching calls and via the forum.

I've chosen to make the accountability journal a part of this program because it played a HUGE role in helping me make the major shifts needed to reach 6-figures.  There is something about knowing that your coach will read this journal that gets your butt into gear.  (My fellow Platinum coaches use them in their high-end programs as well, which should tell you something!)

DO NOT underestimate the power of this simple exercise!  The accountability journal has a magical ability to move you forward, faster. I really look forward to reading YOURS!

Your Personal Mastermind Success Partner

One of the ideas I live by is, "You can never have too much loving accountability!"  To keep you even more on track, I will be matching you with another MMM member so that you can report directly to each other on your commitments and celebrate your successes!

I love accountability partners and have worked with them over and over again in my business - they have played an enormous role in my success.  Checking in with your partner will not be required (as you can see, we have plenty of accountability built into the program already), but highly encouraged.

My Fairly Large Marketing Brain (And Radar)
Focused On YOU

Yep, my antennae will be UP and focused on YOU!  As a coach, I think about my clients all the time.  (I can't help it!)  I mull over their businesses, think about what might move them forward... and sometimes even wake up in the middle of the night to jot down a breakthrough idea for them.

I've been immersed in the world of small business marketing, Internet marketing and information marketing for over 3 years now.  I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on trainings, mentoring, coaching, homestudy courses (which I actually USE, by the way - and I'm picky), going to live events, adding to my Rolodex, building my network, and on and on.

Why is this important to you?  Because as an MMM client, you'll have MY marketing brain at your disposal... which means you DON'T have to invest that kind of time and money.  You can just ask me.  ;)

Meanwhile, my brain will be working on your business even when I'm not conscious of it.  As thoughts and ideas pop in, or I come across tools and resources for you in particular, I'll email (or snail mail) them to you.

If there's one thing I've learned from all that investing in myself, it's that just one simple connection or mindshift can make a huge difference in your business success. This could be the most valuable part of the program for you!

"First Dibs" Privileges And Special Discounts On New Products And Programs Throughout Your Membership

I'm so excited about some of the stuff I've got cookin' for 2010!  As a MMM member, you'll have a front row seat and "first dibs" privileges on everything NEW coming up in 2010.  You'll also receive special savings withouth having to wait in line to make your purchases.  (This means you'll hear about the good stuff before anyone ELSE!)

It's just one of the ways I say "thank you, I appreciate YOU" as a valued MMM member.

My Constantly Updated Rolodex Of 6-Figure
Marketing & Manifestation Resources

Success is NEVER a solo affair - every 6-figure business owner has HELP.  As a member of the MMM, you'll get my continuously updated Rolodex of 6-Figure resources, which includes all the vendors, support and "techie" resources that I personally use to keep my business humming. 

One of the things my clients tell me they appreciate most is how open I am with the resources that I have invested a LOT of time, sweat and MONEY to collect.  (Did I tell you about the time I spent 40 HOURS looking for the perfect web designer?  Don't worry, I found her.  ;)  )

The great news is, you don't have to waste hours of YOUR precious time trying to find the right person or resource to implement quickly!

Oh yes, there WILL be BONUSES...
(What can I say?  That's just how I roll...)

I know I'm already including so much step-by-step training, personal support, laser coaching and accountability with your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind program, but you know it wouldn't be ME if I didn't include some very special bonuses for you.  :)

BONUS: Half-Day Virtual Workshop
"How To Easily Attract Clients And Get Great Results With Your Very Own Signature System"

If you've been following me for a while, you've probably heard me say: your clients don't buy your services, they invest in SOLUTIONS to their most pressing problems.  Creating a signature system is a simple way to instantly convey to your clients that your solution is one that they WANT to buy!

What is a Signature System? It's the work you're ALREADY doing with clients, packaged into a highly marketable, step-by-step system they'll want to buy.

If you're thinking you can't create a system because every client is different, think again. EVERY service can be transformed into a simple, repeatable system clients will happily say YES to - yes, even yours.

(Confidental to my Tarot and metaphysical peeps: gals, I'm lookin' at YOU here.  Yes, it requires making a bold shift at how you percieve and present your services.  But if something isn't working - and if you've read this far than clearly your business isn't where you want it to be - you know you have to make changes anyway, right?)

Even better, creating a system can give you tremendous near-instant credibility with your clients.  Nothing says "expert" like having your own system.

In this special BONUS virtual workshop, I will literally walk you through creating your Signature System that will make all of your products and programs flow seamlessly from one to another, answering that "what do I create next?" question for you!

You're going to LOVE how quickly your system just flows out of you... and how easy it is to create 3, 4 or even more lucrative income streams from your system alone.

BONUS: Half-Day Virtual Workshop
"How To Create Your First Big-Ticket Program, Product Or Service That Turns Your Time Into BIG Money"

I'm about to reveal a secret right here and right now that is easily worth any and ALL investment you ever make with me, including your time spent reading pages like this.  Ready?  Here it is:

Focus on the big-ticket income streams first.  :)

Seems so simple, but when you look around you'll notice that "the big-ticket items" are often the LAST place spirited entrepreneurs put their attention. 

Well, it's time to change that... so that you can receive the abundance that's waiting for you and do even BIGGER things in the world.

In this workshop, I'll coach to create your very first big-ticket offering.  I'll select my favorite SIMPLE big ticket income streams and give you blueprints so that you can implement them quickly.

I often encourage my clients to go for the simple wins because if there's one thing I know for certain, it's that success leads to more success!  Once you get a single big-ticket offering going, you will be amazed at how easy it is to kick out even more... while confidently raising your fees.

BONUS: Your Own Sets Of Full-Color
Branding With Archetypes Cards

b with aAlways a client favorite, these FULL-COLOR cards are the perfect compliments to Kendall's Branding With Archetypes™ system.  

These cards give you detailed, in-depth information on...
  • Your Archetypes's Spiritual Contract
  • Qualities of your brand
  • Your Archetype's gifts, challenges, likes and needs
  • Specific words to help you easily write sales letters, ezines, and other copy in alignment with your archetypes
  • Specific coach's challenges for your pricing
  • And lots more
We'll use these cards over and over again throughout our time together to help you create the marketing and pricing breakthroughs that keep you moving forward!

These cards are not available for sale as a standalone product on Kendall's website or anywhere else - you can ONLY get them through one of her Certified Money, Marketing And Soul™ coaches.

BONUS: Your Chance To Win A PRIVATE Virtual VIP Day Coaching Package With Elizabeth

Yeeha!  I'm giving away one of my PRIVATE Virtual VIP days to one lucky Marketing & Manfestation Mastermind member.  In this virtual VIP coaching experience, I'll be completely focused on YOU and your business.  Imagine what breakthroughs we could accomplish... (hint: yes, there will be money breakthroughs!!)

I sold out of my VIP days at the end of 2009.  As promised, I raised the investment to reflect the results my clients have been getting.  But you'll have a 1-in-22 chance of getting it FREE.

BONUS: "Jump To The Front Of The Line" Application To My Marketing & Manifestation Platinum Inner Circle

If you're interested in joining my next exclusive Platinum Inner Circle (by application and interview only), as a MMM member, you'll jump the line of applicants and your application will magically rise straight to the top of the pile. :D

Why? Because I'll have worked with you for several months and have gotten to know you and your business very well, I feel confident that Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind members will be among the best possible candidates for membership in my Platinum Inner Circle.

(And you'll also receive a special "MMM only" investment price - but of course!)

BONUS: "Your Book Is Your Business Card"
with NYC publishing expert Stephanie Gunning

stephanieWhen I asked the Marketing Goddess peeps what's up for them and what they needed in the coming year, I discovered something really cool. In answer to the question regarding top business goals for 2010, over half the peeps who responded said, "I want to finish my book!"
I'll admit it took me by surprise. (Though that's kind of silly, right? Hello, I'm a writer, hello!) I also got very inspired to figure out a way in which I can support all the writers in the house, and I'm thrilled to share that I found one!
My good friend Stephanie Gunning, is a top-notch publishing consultant with over 20 years of experience, including senior editorial positions at commercial publishers such as Bantam Doubleday-Dell and HarperCollins. She has worked with an amazing roster of transformative authors, including Ernest Chu (author of Soul Currency, one of my new favorites), Hale Dwoskin (creator of The Sedona Method and featured in the Secret), Gregg Braden and many more.
Stephanie has agreed to give a special bonus teleclass, "Your Book Is Your Business Card" to members of The Abundant Business Marketing And Manifestation Mastermind. She'll share her secrets to getting more publicity, visibility, speaking engagements and clients by publishing a book. She'll also give us valuable tips on how to get the darn thing DONE. (She is the Get Your Book Done Coach, after all!)

Straight up: there are a LOT of "write your book" consultants out there and I have to tell ya, I am VERY picky.  Stephanie is the real deal.  She is truly committed to conscious and transformative business owners and the shifts they are bringing to the world.

This bonus is exclusively available to MMM members.

Surprise GOODIES along the way, including bonus trainings, information products and MORE

I'm known in my client circle for surprising them with lots of extra goodies, such as free calls, books, extra trainings, surprise guests and whatever else I can dream up!  I can't help it, I just love giving my clients lots of attention... and you can bet that I'll be doing just that in the Marketing & Manfestation Mastermind program.  You never know what I'll dream up... (but you DO know that I don't hold back!)

So now that you know all that you get (whew!) I have to ask...

Are YOU A Good Fit For
The Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind?

Straight up: this program is not a fit for everyone.  I don't want you to invest your money in something that you're not ready for yet. 

You see, I take YOUR success as seriously as I do my own.  And that's why I'm here to tell you, I would LOVE to have you in this program if and only if it's a fit. 

You may be a good fit for the program if...
  • You're committed to your vision, your business, and the people you want to help and want to be shown exactly how to get where you want to go, step-by-step.
  • You're ready to break through the "head trash" and "money stuck points" so you can authentically (and with integrity) receive greater amounts of money
  • You're ready to make great money while living your purpose - that is, doing the work you were put here on this earth do
  • You're ready to learn how to manifest what you want in your life and business and create your life by design (instead of by accident, default, or autopilot)
  • You're READY to step up, play bigger and use your Goddess-given gifts to help more people
  • You're ready to transform your life, and in so doing, transform the lives of others
  • You want personal access to a "straight up" real world successful solo business owner who walks her talk, explains things clearly, and truly cares about you and your success
  • You know that your time is NOW, and you're sick of waiting or hanging out on hold for the "right time"
  • You're willing to do the work required to move forward NOW (even when that means bumping up against fear because you're willing to ditch that fear), and have a no-excuses approach to creating your life and manifesting your desires
On the other hand, this program is definitely NOT for you if you...
  • Simply aren't ready to do the work required to make your dreams happen
  • Either aren't ready or aren't willing to invest your time and money in your business
  • Refuse to make important decisions, such as decisions around who you work with and what you offer (I will help you find these, but you MUST be willing to make choices to move forward)
  • Aren't willing to push past your fears and get a little uncomfortable to stretch, grow, and get what you want
  • Play the "blame game" and refuse to take responsibility for your results (I do not tolerate this in myself or in my clients AT ALL)
  • Have a hard time keeping commitments to yourself and others
  • Make excuses instead of changing your behavior and finding solutions
  • Whine and complain (no way)
Understand this: I am here to teach you, coach you, mentor you... support you, cheer you on, hold you as powerful and maintain the space of possibility... but your business success is ultimately up to YOU. 

I know you can do it.  All that's left is for YOU to own it and step into itAre you ready?

"Okay, Elizabeth, I'm IN! What's my minimal investment to be a part of your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind in 2010?"

Before we get down to the knitty-gritty details, let's take another look at everything you get with this special program:

1. A kick-off call to create your vision and set your Bold Goals for our time together
2. Branding With Archetypes Full-Day LIVE Virtual Workshop
3. Money & Manifestation Full-Day LIVE Virtual Workshop,
along with regular coaching on money & my personal manifestation strategies
3. 8 Laser Coaching / Q+A calls with me
4. 8 "Inner Secrets" calls, covering the MMM curriculum in depth
5. Private members-only Mastermind forum (where I will be hanging out - a LOT)
6. Personalized attention and e-coaching with me for a full 9 months (wow!)
7. Private weekly accountability journal & Manifestation Declaration, to be read by me personally
8. Your own MMM accountability partner
9. MP3 recordings of each and every call, including the virtual workshops
10. PDF transcripts of each and every call, including the virtual workshops

11. My big marketing brain, focused on your business and the breakthroughs to move your forward
12. My personal rolodex of 6-figure Marketing & Manifestation resources
13. "First Dibs" access and special pricing on every training or program I offer
(including Platinum)
14. "Jump the line" application to Elizabeth's application-only Platinum Inner Circle
15. All the bonuses listed, including 2 BONUS virtual workshops on creating your Signature System and first Big-Ticket item, the Branding With Archetypes cards (which are only available from a licensed Money, Marketing and Soul™ Coach), "jump to the front of the line" Platinum Application, a chance to win a FREE private virtual VIP day with me... and more!


The MMM is a true workshop-style program (without the cost of pricey airfare and hotels), where I'll personally walk you through a step-by-step system that will lay a rock-solid foundation for your 6-figure business AND personally mentor you via phone and on our private forum.  You'll take action, learn by DOING and be lovingly held accountable to me personally... all while having the support of a caring circle of your fellow conscious entrepreneurs cheering you on.

Obviously, you're not going to pay small change for this advanced program, especially with direct access to me.  After all, my (very few) Private Platinum clients pay between $17,000 and $20,000 annually to get the same systems, support and personal coaching.

When I set out to make a decision regarding the investment of this program, after considering the value of everything included AND (more importantly) the value of the results that are possible when you follow the step-by-step system I'll teach you...

...the number that I finally arrived at was $3997.  (Don't worry, you're not going to pay that if you take action quickly - keep reading...)

Why $3997?  Because back when I was at that crucial choice point in my business (do whatever it took... or go back and get a J-O-B), I would have been extremely grateful to pay that nominal investment to have the kind of system I'm offering in the Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind, plus personal coaching, community AND accountability for a full 9 months. 

Your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind membership is offered at an investment I truly feel honors and supports you.  AND...

I  have a very special "Thank You!" investment for you for being decisive and taking action right away.

And ok, I want to make it very easy to say YES to yourself, too.  :D

When you take decisive action and register by February 7 at 11:59pm EST, your investment for my 2010 MMM program is just a one-time deposit of $497 then just 8 low payments of $297 each month, beginning 30 days later.

(When you do the math, that's a investment of just $2873, generously spread out over the full 9 months. You save $1124 - WOW!)

Ask yourself 2 questions:
  • If you finally broke through to a 6-figure income, giving you more money freedom (and emotional freedom from fear and worry), what's that worth to you?
  • If you enjoyed every DAY totally immersed in the work you LOVE... the work you're meant to do in the world for the people you're meant to do it for... what's THAT worth to you?
  • How about creating the business you want, tailored to YOUR life, with a solid foundation that can grow as you do, to whatever level you choose to take it?  (My mentor has a multi-million dollar coaching business that she runs from her home... and is on track to double her income and then some.)  What's that worth to you?
  • How about finally breaking through (and getting RID of) the inner and outer money stuck points that have been stopping you from finally creating and receiving the abundance you deserve for the incredible gifts you have for the world?
Okay, 4 questions.  ;)  (I could keep going...)

Would all that be worth about $80 a week? My guess is YES! :)

And it gets even BETTER....

If you'd like to save even more (I know - me so crazy!), simply reserve your spot by the deadline and take advantage of the full-pay option of just $2497.  That's a full $1500 savings - less than $70 per week.

Yep, you get the entire program - the step-by-step training, the recordings for your success library, a community full of big-hearted conscious entrepreneurs and a full 9 months of my personal support - for LESS than what some "marketing gurus" charge for a homestudy course or single live pitchfest

Frankly, I could easily charge that reasonable investment for the Branding With Archetypes virtual workshop alone... and get it.  But that wouldn't feel right to me.  Which brings me to...

Why am I offering the Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind at such a LOW investment?

I know I'm crazy for doing this.  Fact is, there is a very personal reason why offering the MMM at this low investment is sooooo important to me.

First of all, I know what it's like to want to study with a successful mentor... to know deep inside that it's time to step up and do something different... and simply not have the 5-figure investment laying around that most coaches charge for a Platinum program. 

Yep, I've "been there, done that."  And when I look around, I simply don't see many successful coaches out there who are providing this kind of opportunity to their clients. 

I see a lot of intro coaching clubs (not enough support),  Platinum programs (best choice, but simply too expensive for some highly motivated, deserving clients), a lot of short-term trainings (no ongoing support)... but nothing that provides training, support AND accountability for 9 months at a completely reasonable investment.

Straight up: this is EXACTLY the kind of opportunity I wished for myself when I really needed it.  I made a promise to myself back then that I would offer such a program when I was able to do so... and now I'm keeping that promise.

That said, it's entirely likely that I will never offer this program for this kind of investment again. 

This is not some false scarcity tactic designed to get you into action.  Here's the truth: I regularly raise my fees to stay in integrity with myself and the value my programs deliver.  This program will most likely be no exception.

But that's NEXT year.  This year, I'm honoring the low investment.  And there's one yet one MORE reason why...

I want 22 success stories to share with the world, and I'm willing to do what it takes to be certain that the 22 solopreneurs who join me for the Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind break through their money stuck points, clear OUT their limited beliefs, and definitely, permanently shift what's not working for them in their marketing... so they can claim the income and transform the clients who have been patiently waiting for them.

But there's a catch.  ;)

I mentioned success stories.  If you join the program, I'll expect you to write me a testimonial sharing the money, marketing and manifestation breakthroughs you've created in our time together.  Fair enough?  (Only if you're over the moon with your results, of course, but then, we BOTH expect you to succeed, right?  Right!)

"I tripled my old fees and got new clients within 1 week!"

Clients & Cash Flow VIP Client
Sue Crutcher,

sue crutcher

"As an experienced certified coach and wellness practitioner, I've worked with many clients over the past 15 years, but my fees had always been similar to everyone else's, and too low.

Now that I'm in a new stage in my business and boldly stepping into my power and my potential, I wanted my fees to reflect that.  It is important to me that I focus on the results and outcomes of what I do, so that my potential clients can quickly see the value of working with me without me having to work so hard to explain.

I signed up with Elizabeth for one of her "Clients And Cash Flow" VIP Coaching days and we created a great program.  Within one week I enrolled 2 new clients, one of whom happily said yes to an investment that is TRIPLE what my fee was before my VIP coaching with Elizabeth.

And that's just so far.  I've barely scratched the surface of the potential clients who I will offer this program to, and now I have the confidence (and systems) to repeat this success.

It feels great knowing that I can better help my clients AND receive amazing money doing it.  Thanks, Elizabeth!"

"2 new clients at my highest fee ever - and I haven't even started my launch!"

CareyClients & Cash Flow Secrets VIP Client
Carey Peters,

"Elizabeth, I can't thank you enough for the VIP mentoring day we spent together.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to enjoy an entire day focused on me and growing my business. And I have to share some early results with you!  

Right after our day, I offered my new program to a potential client and she accepted. That's a new client in less than a week, at the highest fee I've ever charged.  And when I stated my new fee, she didn't even blink!

Then a few days later, I enrolled yet another client at that new fee.  So you could say that I made my investment back nearly instantly, then doubled it. Wow!

My new clients are thrilled, and the program we designed will take me a fraction of time to deliver. And what's really cool is... when I enrolled those 2 clients, I hadn't even started my "official" launch of this program.  I know I'm going to fill the other spots easily.

I'm really excited because I can easily make a great monthly income offering just THIS program if I wanted to.  Talk about peace of mind!  Thank you so much again."

"My fees are much higher than I would have imagined...
and I immediately enrolled new clients"

2009 Abundant Biz MM Client
Susan Hakiman, Murfreesboro, TN:

"Before working with Elizabeth, starting my business felt more like a pipe dream than a reality.  While I knew I'd found my calling and really wanted to pursue it, I was completely new to starting a business.  I had never charged for my services before and was very nervous about it.

The very first thing Elizabeth and I worked on was clearing away limiting beliefs and really owning the value of what I do.  Elizabeth helped me understand what I really do for clients and just how valuable my work truly is.  I had never looked at it that way before and it opened up the way to truly step into the business the way I want to.

Now, after working with Elizabeth for just 2 months, I have a new business name and new marketing materials. I've created a relationship with another business in my area that will regularly bring me clients.  I created packages for my services with fees much higher than I would have imagined before... and immediately enrolled two clients!  And I have other potential clients who are eager to begin long-term relationships with me.

Best of all, I have confidence in myself and what I do.  I've learned how to clear away limiting beliefs as I go, so I'm getting more confidence all the time.  I love helping my clients.  I truly believe this is my calling in life.  Elizabeth has given me the space to really go for what I want."

"I turned my monthly income into a WEEKLY income in just a few short weeks"

Marilyn Shannon!

2009 Abundant Biz MM Client
Marilyn Shannon, Kingston, ON:

"My first experience of Elizabeth was working with one of her free classes.  After listening to one of her audios, I implemented what I learned and almost immediately, my business shot up 300%.  I turned my monthly income into a weekly income in just a few short weeks.  I knew she had the goods and signed on as a client thinking, 'If I've created this right out of the gate, imagine what will happen when we work together!'

It's funny, but even though my income had quadrupled I still wasn't taking my business as seriously as I *wanted* to take it.  There was a lot going on in my mind that held me back.  Elizabeth helped me to say, 'Yes, I am doing this and I am doing it right!'  With her encouragement I hired 2 key people to help me, so I could free up more brain cycles for the business.  She also helped me get rid of limiting beliefs about money and what I do, which had been holding me for a long time.

Elizabeth helped me really embrace a part of me that I wasn't acknowledging, and showed me how it can help my clients.  I've learned that my past life experiences are really valuable to my clients.  I finally know who my clients are and how I can help!  I'm taking the steps now to set me up for the next level of my business growth.  And the money keeps coming in!

Working with Elizabeth has helped me really step into something amazing, the creation of a thriving business that truly is the essence of ME.  She helped me say YES to myself!"

One last thing before you reserve your spot...

You may be familiar with my personal 'heart and soul guarantee'.  This program is different, and the reason why is simple.  The more committed you are, the more successful you will be.

This is not a "try it out for 2 months free and see if you like it" kind of program.  Please, ONLY enroll if you're really ready to fully say YES to yourself, your business and being successful.  Your engagement is absolutely critical to that success.  I'll get you started and support you as you keep moving forward, but it's your responsibility to put the strategies into action.

I'm going to dedicate the next 9 MONTHS to you and your business during this program, which I've carefully designed as a complete curriculum.  I know the value I'll be delivering to you and I am committed to helping you reach the next income level in your business. I'm asking the same committment from you.

I only want committed solopreneurs who are truly ready to stop playing small, to step up and claim the abundance they desire and deserve. As such, please note that all registrations are final.

So... if you're ready to say YES to reaching your next income level in 2010, act quickly!

We Start On February 16, 2009,
and There Are Only 22 Spots Available

Remember, I will only accept 22 participants in this program.  And once we start, that's it on this generous coaching opportunity until 2011. 

Please don't wait to register if you know in your heart that you're ready for the next level in your life and business.

So Are You Ready To Step Up, Play Bigger And Use Your God(dess!)-Given Gifts To Help More People?

Yeeha!  Let's Do This Thing!
Register NOW Using The Link Below...


"YES, Elizabeth!  I'm ready to step up into your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind!"

I understand that my membership includes the following benefits:
  • A kick-off call to create my business vision and set myBold Goals for our time together
  • A Branding With Archetypes Full-Day LIVE Virtual Workshop to set the foundation for the rest of the program
  • Money and Manifestation Full-Day LIVE Virtual Workshop and regular coaching on money, along with Elizabeth's personal advanced manifestation strategies
  • 8 Laser Coaching / Q+A calls with Elizabeth
  • 8 "Inner Secrets" calls, covering the MMM curriculum in depth
  • Private members-only Mastermind forum
  • Personalized attention and e-coaching with Elizabeth for a full 9 months (wow!)
  • Private weekly Accountability Journal & Manifestation Declaration, to be read by Elizabeth personally
  • My own MMM Success Partner
  • MP3 recordings of each and every call, including the virtual workshops
  • PDF transcripts of each and every call, including the virtual workshops
  • Elizabeth's rolodex of 6-figure Marketing & Manifestation resources
  • "First Dibs" Privileges and special pricing on Elizabeth's new programs
  • BONUS: Half-Day Virtual Workshop on how to create my Signature System
  • BONUS: Half-Day Virtual Workshop on creating my first Big-Ticket item
  • BONUS: Full-color Branding With Archetypes cards
  • BONUS: Full-color Money Archetypes cards
  • BONUS: "Your Book Is Your Business Card" w/Stephanie Gunning
  • BONUS: "Jump the line" application to Elizabeth's application only Platinum Inner Circle
  • BONUS: Drawing for a FREE VIP coaching day with Elizabeth
  • And MORE!
I understand and agree that your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind program is designed as a 9-month curriculum and I am committing to investing in the entire program. I further understand and agree that, if, for any reason, I choose to remove or cancel myself from this program prior to the end of the program dates, I understand no refunds will be issued, and if I've chosen to pay my tuition via the installment plan, that I am still responsible for paying my balance in full.

I'm assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received I will get an electronic receipt and instructions within a few minutes.

I'm ready to reserve my spot in your Abundant Business Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind NOW!

Sign Up Now -- Only *22* Spots Available


Please see payment terms on our policies page here.

The decision is yours to make.  Is 2010 going to be YOUR year? 

Is it YOUR time to bust through all the inner "money junk" that gets in your way, so you can receive the abundance that is waiting for you?

Is it YOUR time to master the proven marketing strategies to help you create 6-figures in your business... with grace, ease, authenticity and FUN?

Is it YOUR time to ditch your doubts & excuses, stop waiting for "someday" and finally
step 100% into your purpose and create the life you really WANT?

Then I can't wait to have you in the Marketing & Manifestation Mastermind.  Register now and I'll be there on the next page to welcome you, ok?

Until then, as always...

Bright blessings & massive, massive success to you!

egp sig

Elizabeth Genco Purvis, "The Marketing Goddess"
6-Figure Marketing Mentor &
Certified Money, Marketing And Soul™ Coach
"Alchemist" Archetype

PS: Still have questions?  Let's hear 'em!  You can reach us at and we'll get back to you ASAP, usually within 48 hours.

"The best decision I've made... and
I've given myself a huge raise!"

Abundant Biz Private Client
Kim Turcotte, &

Kim“When I left my job to pursue my calling of helping women access their divine wisdom, I had a lot in the way of passion and ideas but little in the way of an actual plan. Lucky for me, synchronicity kicked in just as I was making the transition.  That’s when I stumbled across Elizabeth’s fantastic newsletter and soon started working with her directly.

Working with a coach was a big step, but one I knew I had to make if I wanted to move forward instead of spinning my wheels!  What's helped me the most are the massive mindset shifts Elizabeth has helped me create.  While I thought I had the mindset for success, I realized that I still had a lot of fear around actually getting out there and being seen as an expert in my field.  Similarly, I thought I was ready for abundance to flow, but when I really dug deep into my belief systems, I discovered I was really holding myself back (especially when it came to my fees).

Elizabeth really helped me blast through those barriers and I've been on a roll ever since.  I have seen huge shifts in how potential clients are flowing in and how easy it is to transition them from prospects to clients.  It's amazing to me that this mindset work also opened the flow of creative ideas for writing and workshops.  Where I had been stuck, I am now whizzing along.

Since working with Elizabeth, I've completely redesigned my website, set up my systems for building my list and getting clients, completely revamped my packages and given myself a huge raise.  I've laid the groundwork for the next level and am now getting out there with workshops, radio interviews and speaking gigs.  Best of all, I live every day in the flow of my life's work and life purpose.

Working with Elizabeth has been the best decision I've made in my business to date.  Thanks to our work together, my big vision (and believe me, it's big!) is already beginning to manifest, with each step unfolding in front of me.  I can't wait for what's coming next!"

"What's huge is how powerful I feel - when you own your value, the clients show up!"

Abundant Biz Workshop Client
Valentina Burton, Dallas TX:

Valentina"Before working with Elizabeth, I found myself resisting growing my business because I didn't like some of my clients.  I thought I couldn't control the clients I got and that I'd have to take whoever comes along.  I wondered, 'Am I at the mercy of jerky people?' That was literally what was going through my mind!  As a result, I procrastinated the opening of my office and held myself back. 

Thing is, I love this work so much... if I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn't change my work because it's the most interesting, fun and gratifying work I can imagine!  So when Elizabeth said I could actually create the practice I really wanted, that was all I needed to hear.  I signed up for Elizabeth's Abundant Business classes and started systematically implementing her strategies.  She leads you through a step-by-step process to get the results you want, not some vague generic ideas.  

Within about 2 months, I went from 5 private sessions per month to an average of 5 per week - an increase of 300%.  And I haven't even put all of Elizabeth's strategies in place yet!  Better yet, I really like everyone I'm working with.   I deliberately CHOSE my choice client... and now they come to me! 

Going from 5 clients a month to 5 per week has had a huge impact on my business.  What's even more huge is how powerful I feel in my work now.  I decide who's in my office, nobody else.  Being in the position of choosing has shifted the whole dynamic in my relationship with clients.  I'm much more relaxed now.  I can just have a session without worrying if I'm good enough because I KNOW I'm good enough! 

Before working with Elizabeth, I used to just ignore or brush off the results I helped my clients achieve.  Elizabeth shows you how to really own your value, and the choice clients have shown up to match.  Finally, I'm working with the right kinds of people!  I feel great about what I'm doing, I'm confident, and I love my business more than ever.

If you want to have the RIGHT clients for you in the quantity that YOU want and you want to feel GREAT about your business... do yourself a favor and work with Elizabeth.  There's magic in taking action.  Don't put it off, Just decide... and DO.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for showing me that the practice of my dreams IS possible.  I'm well on my way to making it a reality."

"I finally saw clearly just how much positive impact I had on my clients... (and business is up over 60%!)"

sahsaAbundant Biz Workshop Client
Sasha Graham, New York NY:

"Before working with Elizabeth, I wasn't getting very far in my practice.  I didn't really know how to market myself, so I would take whatever clients came my way.  I didn't know how to manage my time or run my business, so I didn't do that either.  Clients and circumstances were in charge, not me.
After laying a solid foundation, Elizabeth gave me easy steps I can use right away - and they WORK! Her strategies consistently result in new clients and repeat business, sometimes as many as 5 in one week.  Yes, even in this challenging economy!  What's more, discovering how to work with marketing energy has been a surprise and delight. Clients and opportunities pop up in unexpected places!  Before working with Elizabeth, I would have wondered if I could handle all the new clients.  Thanks to a few simple changes that she introduced me to, I'm no longer afraid of that success because I know I have a business that will support it.

One incredible result of working with Elizabeth is that I no longer have ANY doubts about the value of what I do.  The moment I began taking my marketing seriously was the moment I made a new shift in my self-evolution. Why?  Because the moment I claimed who I was and what I offered, I finally saw clearly just how much positive impact I had on my client's lives.  I became my own biggest fan!  Now, I confidently show my potential clients the value of working with me.  Almost naturally, I raised my rates by 50% within the first few weeks - and my clients didn't even blink.  I know in my core that my services are worth it, and much, much more.

Thanks to my work with Elizabeth, my business has increased over 60%, I am moving in directions I never dreamed possible and I’m more excited about life than ever.  The true gift is doing what I love and getting paid for it.

Elizabeth has completely changed the way I view myself as a woman in business.  If you want to succeed in your practice, do yourself a favor, shave off years of struggling and hire Elizabeth yesterday!  When you perform the steps laid out by Elizabeth you can't help but succeed. If you stick to it, the results will blow your mind."

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